Wednesday notes, in from the cold

After a newsy-as-heck day yesterday, status quo this morning. With Brett Gallant in, Chris Bruton out, Johan Sundstrom and Andrey Pedan skating but apparently not expected to be available, that leaves Bridgeport with, in essence, one extra. (It’s a forward as things stand, but they’ve got Scooter Vaughan theoretically available to move back if necessary.) They seem fine with that for now, though they could reevaluate by Friday.

Amid all the other stuff yesterday, neglected to mention the impressive coat that Steve Valiquette was wearing yesterday and again today: a red and blue CSKA coat. Pretty neat.

Will the Arizona Coyotes be affiliated with the Portland Pirates next year? Stay tuned.

And hope all works out in Ukraine; this is pretty wild. (Retweeted by Craig Button)

Michael Fornabaio