Special night: Springfield postgame

Scott Pellerin said Ryan Strome’s day-to-day. The team’s off until Tuesday after keeping Springfield winless in five, so there’s two days right now.

Odd, if you think about it, but with all the PK time, it’s not like he missed all that much tonight. I had Andrew Clark for five shifts in the first and three in the second. Maybe Strome gets one more at four-on-four than Clark did. Or maybe they come back with his line earlier after a penalty kill. But not many more.

Longest five-on-five stretch in the first two periods: five shifts. (It might be close to that in the third, too, but I had to write and lost close track.)

Anders Nilsson was strong. The PK blocked shots and got in lanes and went 13-for-13 (though that includes two fragments of a major that add up to 60 seconds, and another that was 12 seconds, and probably some other tiny segments). They scored two goals quickly late in the first, and they never let it get any closer.

Either way, five wins in six games, and a spot in the team record book.


Marc Cantin gets his second match penalty in 32 days, stepping out of the penalty box into Sean Collins, who’s got a head of steam, getting Collins up high. “It’s a tough play,” Pellerin said. “He’s stepping out of the box. The guy gets the pass up. (Cantin) steps on the ice, makes contact. It’s one of those things: What’s he supposed to do? … You don’t want anybody to get hurt, that’s not what we’re looking for, but unfortunately the guy never saw him and got injured. Cantin’s in a tough spot.”

His spot could easily get tougher; he served three games last month for that New Year’s Eve match penalty for the hit on Brendan Shinnimin. As tweeted, it’s amazing to think that Jim Campbell’s 34-day gap between match penalties is out of the record books. That mark was three years older than the 11-for-11 penalty kill at Hershey, Nov. 3, 2007, which until tonight was the best perfect-PK night in team history.

More if we hear anything the next couple of days.

And RIP, Morrie Turner.

Michael Fornabaio