Refreshers: Thursday notes

Same cast today; same array, generally. Lots of systems work; some refreshers, some tweaks, it sounded like.

Justin Johnson should be available. (By the way, that line — he was with Gallant-Langkow-Vaughan — usually has worn gray practice jerseys. The past two days? A purple we’ve never seen before. Makes you wonder what else Leni’s got in the back. The Mercier-Diamond-Martin group got orange, leaving the “Argentina” jerseys in reserve for now.)

So: 22 games to go, Bridgeport is in 10th in the Eastern Conference, 10 points out of eighth as always, but now 13 out of fourth (and 16 out of the division lead). At this rate, they’ll be closer to fourth than eighth soon.

Two months after the change in ownership and following the new lease, a Portland’s management.

CTE in a soccer player. In what feels like a previous life, did a story about concussions in high school soccer. If I recall correctly, back then lots of people talked more about the incidental collisions as a key factor than they did about headers. It’s a sadly fascinating topic.

And apparently there was baseball on WFAN today. For the first time in over a quarter century… didn’t care. But tomorrow, WOR/SNY… different story.

Michael Fornabaio