Couple of Monday notes

A packed house at forward again/still, with Chris Bruton seemingly closer to returning. Adam Brace was here this morning but this afternoon is on the transactions as going back to Stockton.

The playoffs in junior hockey are in full swing. There are a couple of series in which Islanders draft picks are playing each other, so there could be a steady flow of draft picks the next few weeks. (Or not. Sometimes they’ve done it, sometimes not. Seems fairly likely, considering the ATO influx in general.)

With the long week between games and the assorted building availabilities, they’ll actually be taking Wednesday off this week. Which, with the reason for one of those buildings being unavailable (Friday: Union-Vermont, 2; Quinnipiac-Providence, 5:30), means tomorrow’s the last day we’re likely to actually see them until Sunday. We’ll keep tabs from afar as best we can.

Meanwhile, Matthew Pistilli found another AHL home, and a familiar one, signing a PTO with Charlotte.

Michael Fornabaio