Shut down: Hartford from afar

Bridgeport had been shut out seven times. Hartford didn’t have a shutout yet this season.

Seems like this should’ve been a match made in heaven already.

BRIDGEPORT with thanks to Phil
F: Walters-A.Clark-Montpetit
Gallant (A)-Langkow-Vaughan
Rosen-Mangene (now 100 percent more No. 57)-Johnson
D: Ness (A)-Mayfield
Finley (A)-Pedan
G: Trudeau

R: Hanson. L: Baker, Colby.

Heard Phil mention there is, at last, a Poulin baby. Congrats to Kevin and Shanna.

Presumably why (speaking of 57) this was the night they got a look at Philippe Trudeau, who with Ben Rosen makes 57 men to play for the Sound Tigers this year. One goal seemed to pinball, hit a guy, trickle (just) in. One deflected first off a defender, then off Ryan Bourque. One went through traffic. One was a breakaway — two-on-oh, pretty well — after Bridgeport didn’t get through the neutral zone. Tough to get a good read on the kid from afar. Will see what the feeling is tomorrow over there.

Should be the NCAA markings, BTW, for Sunday’s game, since we never mentioned that. They were cutting and flooding after digging up the trapezoid lines when we were leaving tonight. A good collegiate weekend, with Union going back to the Frozen Four. And it turned out to be a couple of nice crowds.

The draft picks have started to be knocked out in the CHL. Victor Crus Rydberg, Jesse Graham and Kyle Burroughs are all out. Nothing specific from the team on any of them, but there’s a report from Regina that Burroughs will be coming here.

Nothing really to add to the reports of talks about potentially selling the Islanders. Syracuse’s Howard Dolgon tells Lindsay Kramer he’s interested.

So high school and college season are, at least in this space, pretty much over. Will actually see the team again Sunday. Looking forward to it.

Michael Fornabaio