Vaughan re-ups: Thursday notes

Scooter Vaughan’s PTO was set to expire this weekend. Good news for him and the Sound Tigers: He’ll be here a lot longer than that.

Vaughan signed an AHL deal for next season, earning his way to a contract with a solid second half of the year, moving from defense to forward, staying in the lineup and becoming a top-pair penalty-killing forward with Chris Langkow.

Vaughan also re-upped on a third PTO to finish out the season. Not often that happens.

Victor Crus Rydberg was back on the ice this morning for Bridgeport.

Awaiting some details, but John Ferguson said he expects to have Julie Chu at the Wonderland of Ice on April 27, 2-5 p.m., for a public event.

Roy Sommer’s son Marley, on Worcester’s autism awareness night, sang the anthem of the year.

Veteran goalie Drew MacIntyre gets his first NHL start tonight. (Speaking of NHL debuts, aiming for tomorrow’s paper for the promised Brett Gallant story.)

Via Eric Macramalla (@EricOnSportsLaw), Allan Rourke is a plaintiff in a new concussions lawsuit. I don’t pretend to be an expert lawsuit reader, but it’s a pretty weird read, frankly, as lawsuits go. And others have picked apart some of the issues with it, not that they really affect the meat of the argument.

And it’s postseason all-stars day; no locals on the AHL first or second team, but Robbie’s son Sam Ftorek is a first-teamer in the ECHL.

(I love how much people get into these awards. Heavily invested. Rants on Twitter.)

(Says the guy who still complains that Zach Parise not only wasn’t voted the ’05 rookie of the year, but wasn’t voted to the all-rookie team. I mean, come on.)

Michael Fornabaio