Chemistry lessons ’15: Thursday notes

Another few tweaks to the top-nine forwards this morning: Lee-Mouillierat-Collberg, Persson-Quine-Halmo, Zolnierczyk-Sundstrom-Gillies. “Chemistry,” Brent Thompson said. “Just trying to find chemistry.” It’s that time of year. It was Game 7 last year when Lee-Strome-Halmo first started together.

Lukas Sutter has an AHL deal, as Darrell Romuld reported; the lone tryout remaining is Colton Gillies. It sounds as if he’s likely to start on a PTO.

New goalie Kent Simpson is headed to Colorado (ECHL). “Obviously a good organization, a good program. He’ll get an opportunity there,” Thompson said. That leaves 15, 8 and 2.

The Islanders announced that their sale agreement is complete.

Notes from the Rumored Conference: Bruno Gervais was named captain of Lake Erie. And speaking of captains, as teams start adding their rosters to the AHL site, Chris Bruton remains on Grand Rapids’.

Tossed up the annual rules changes post a short time ago. Nothing dramatic that hadn’t been announced. Maybe most interesting that we didn’t know for sure: After the long change in OT, they will change ends again to be in their own nets for the bonus round. I know, the thrill.

Michael Woods through James Mirtle: Ottawa will have a Prime Minister mascot race. Fantastic. Seriously, fantastic.

High school schedules are out.

And RIP, Cigar.

Michael Fornabaio