Stockton notes, Week 1

An irregular, though I hope much more regular than last year, feature peeking across the country…

Oct. 17: Bakersfield 3, Stockton 1
Oct. 18: Stockton 4, Bakersfield 3
Oct. 19: Stockton 4, Bakersfield 2

The season opened with a loss on the road, with Bakersfield getting four points from Quinnipiac’s former star twins, Connor and Kellen Jones. The Thunder came back Saturday on the road to win, with goals from four players, including Loic Leduc (his first as a pro), erasing a deficit. They came back from 2-0 down in their home opener Sunday on goals from four players, the last Peter Sivak (on an AHL contract).

Sivak, the veteran winger, had a point in all three games and, after all of three days, is tied for eighth in the ECHL in scoring at 1-3-4. Philippe Trudeau made 39 saves in the second game. Keith Seabrook left the first game injured and didn’t play Saturday or Sunday.

Up next: Alaska comes down for games Friday and Saturday.

Michael Fornabaio