Pedan to Stockton, attrition: Thursday notes

He wasn’t cracking the top six here with the present cast, so Andrey Pedan got a seat on a plane… though not the best seat. He’ll join Stockton for the Thunder’s two games in Idaho this weekend. Brent Thompson said he’ll be back, but he’s got to play, and with eight defensemen, he wasn’t expected to play this weekend. (Thompson reiterated, as he said earlier in the week, that Adam Pelech should get in at least once this weekend.)

Now, if Pedan was a forward, no problem. Sebastian Collberg and Mike Halmo departed early, which at first glance appeared to be expected. Then Harry Zolnierczyk left the ice and got a look from trainer Dave Stickney, then left Wonderland. Not entirely positive what happened, and Thompson professed not to know yet.

Still a couple of days until Albany, so they’ll have to evaluate whether to bring in another forward. In a pinch, obviously, they could go with seven defensemen, even play a defenseman up front. But it’s Thursday.

Meanwhile, busy high schools time for us. Hit a school I’d never visited before last night. About to do so again. Kind of hard to believe, after 17 years. Harder to believe: I hadn’t covered a field hockey game in years and remembered it as a sport where 20 girls ran in one direction for a while, then a whistle inexplicably blew and they ran in the other direction until the next whistle. Last night, though, I thought I understood most of the whistles. Blew me away. Just a really well-played game? Just a really well-officiated game? A fortunate set of whistles? Hubris, and they really weren’t for what I thought they were for? Regardless, coming home I couldn’t find the World Series on the radio at first, so listened to a half-inning in Spanish. Dos por dos at the time.

Tip of cap to Jack McDonald, Colin’s uncle, soon to retire as Quinnipiac athletic director.

And RIP, Tom Menino.

Michael Fornabaio