Waiting: Wednesday notes

Brent Thompson said Ryan Pulock was to be evaluated on Long Island; nothing yet on extent or prognosis until after results come back from that. Meanwhile, same cast as yesterday, with Scooter Vaughan going on defense to fill out four pairs and similar combinations to the weekend.

In a cruel coincidence, I had a UConn game to cover last night. At least got to say hello to Mike Haviland in almost the same spot I used to talk to him. The former Norfolk and Hershey coach is in his first year at Colorado College. “It’s been great,” Haviland said. “It’s different than pro hockey, certainly, but it’s been a lot of fun. I really had to change some of my thinking. It’s a lot of teaching, but a lot of teaching goes on everywhere.” It’s been fun, he said; he enjoys the group of players, and they’ve been making progress, playing Providence tough up there last week and then coming into Bridgeport last night to beat the Huskies.

Phil Trudeau surfaces in Fredericton with St. Thomas University.

The Anaheim piece of the West Coast puzzle appears closer. Wishing good things for Norfolk.

Jack Combs was named an ECHL all-star starter.

And: Bleepin’ world. RIP.

Michael Fornabaio