Stretch run (without Stretch): Thursday notes

Roughly status quo today at practice. Some rejuggling. Ryan Pulock left early; minor thing, Brent Thompson said (don’t think it’s related to the last injury), should be fine for the trip to Springfield tomorrow for two games. Then back home for Wilkes-Barre on Sunday to start March. (How’d that happen?) Bridgeport mostly playing for pride, a respectable record and the future at this point. (How’d that happen?)

Our man Doug Bonjour went down to Jersey this week to talk to travelin’ Mark Arcobello. He scored on the Island the other night, we forgot to mention in the Kael Mouillierat hubbub.

Bakersfield will remain the Condors in the AHL.

And if you didn’t see it Sunday (took me until yesterday), NBC did a piece on Mark Wells, 1980 U.S. Olympian, and the challenges he’s gone through.

Michael Fornabaio