Embarrassed: WBS postgame

That’s the word. Heard it from everywhere.

Ugly day. Uninspired. A couple of pushes — Matt Murray was complementary and said they came at the start of each period; there’s a broken-up two-on-one in the second period that could’ve changed things, sure, but still — but not enough.

“Obviously we’re all embarrassed,” Thompson said. “Games like that shouldn’t happen. They do, unfortunately. It’s how you respond the next day.”

Wasn’t David Leggio’s day, again. (You had the statistically top goalie in GAA and SP in the AHL, Murray, against the statistically bottom in both, Leggio. The score played out that way.) Didn’t get help at times, like a coughed-up puck leading to a breakaway. Thompson wasn’t taken with the officiating tonight — power plays 10-2 — but still.

We’ll see in the next eight days what may shake out with this roster. There’ll likely be some moves, some big, some small, in the near future. The playoffs are 18 points away with 20 games remaining; the math there is not complicated. College seasons start to end. No playoffs for the third year in a row (for the first time). And on we go.


I think I made Thompson mad asking if a night like this was inevitable. With a Penguins team playing at its top, with a goalie who hasn’t allowed an even-strength goal since January, with them better-rested both in schedule terms and arrival terms (they were in Hartford and beat Bridgeport here), with the Sound Tigers reeling, it almost felt inevitably rough, especially once the Penguins got that lead. Now, 7-0 rough? Maybe not. But if you were around back in early 2003-04, remember how it felt when Bridgeport scored the first goal, like you could call the game right there? That’s how it felt, in reverse.


Best moment was definitely on the scoreboard in the first period. Leggio went to the bench to get something taken care of. On the video board were a woman with a little kid, 2 or 3 years old if I had to guess, staring up and trying to get Mom’s attention. Mom is oblivious, rummaging through her purse. Little kid keeps staring. Mom keeps rummaging. Finally, after about 30 seconds as the crowd titters about the scene, Mom looks up and tries to get little kid to wave. I cannot imagine she realized the crowd was laughing about the scene before she looked up. Hilarious.

Prescout. Though it’s that time of year when you aren’t sure who’ll be where come this time tomorrow.

And RIP, Minnie Minoso.

Michael Fornabaio