Blow, ye winds, etc.: Tuesday notes

The traditional “You may want to evacuate the media center” thunderstorm hit the GHO Travelers Championship this afternoon. Most of us stayed. We survived. Actually, had I left, I might’ve wound up in the middle of all those falling trees in Wallingford, which might’ve been a bad time. As it is, it’s always a good move to stay, just like Harry Truman on Mount Saint Helens.

Accumulated links:

Via EliteProspects: New Canaan’s Drew MacKenzie is off to Austria next year, Dornbirner EC announced. Mark Divver has Milford’s Mark Naclerio attending development camp with the Rangers.

The Big Club released its preseason schedule. Lots of Brooklyn. No Bridgeport.

Here’s Sacred Heart’s incoming class.

The National Women’s Hockey League, which has a team in Stamford, held its draft Saturday.

New scoreboard, etc., in Springfield.

The Journal Sentinel says the Milwaukee Admirals may need to find a new arena in a couple of years when the Bucks build their new barn. Sounds like they expect to stay in town, though.

Interesting piece on black hockey fans and media.

John McWhorter on the N-word, after the President uses it on a podcast, and using it to comment on the word itself. (By happenstance, just finished McWhorter’s Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue the other day. Fun read, though as one reviewer mentions, the man can hit his points pretty hard. It should be back at the Mark Twain Library in Redding soon.)

France be wacky (he said from an American perspective).

And RIP, Darryl Hamilton, Dick Van Patten and James Horner.

Michael Fornabaio