What a Day for a Birthday*: The Blog Turns 10

Idle vacation thoughts, an organizational zeitgeisty convergence (thanks, Rene Morgan**), and the Web’s relentless advance led to this 10 years ago today.

There was also this. I miss this.

I had ideas of what to do with the thing. A lot of them didn’t happen. Plans! Anyway. As we go on to Year 11 of the blog and Year 15 of the team, there’ll probably be more changes, new ideas, features that fall by the wayside, occasional redesigns out of the blue. Your feedback is always welcome, here or at the email link on the right somewhere.

Because in the end, this post just wants to thank you for showing up here, however much of the past 10 years you’ve been doing so, through whichever of the three URLs (or was it four? lost count) you used, whichever design showed up. Thanks for a heck of a decade.


While we’re self-congratulating, a reminder that you can get blog posts and newspaper stories right to your social media: Twitter @bstsoundinoff or Facebook Soundin’ Off.


This day also became tragic four days ago.

We remember.


*-We started with a Futurama quote; we might as well keep ’em going.
**-The five-year post goes into the slightest bit more detail about the origin, should you somehow care.

Michael Fornabaio