Signings, Sudsie, Trashers: Thursday notes

Idaho finally announced that it has signed Fairfield’s Quinn Smith, late of BC. Meanwhile, Missouri signed Quinnipiac’s Jones brothers.

Still waiting to hear how many Mavericks will be here next week. One week from tonight, Thursday, is the exhibition game at Wonderland; general admission, $10.

A nice story from Orange County on Sudsie Maharaj, who did good things with the Islanders’ goalies until they let him go, and now is doing good things with Anaheim goalies.

Kirill Kabanov’s tryout with the Rangers is over. Aw. When MSG was re-running Tuesday’s game against the Flyers, I was looking at “Nejezchleb” and wondering when I’d have to learn to spell it. The answer is apparently now.

Language warning — seriously, if you’ll get the vapors at an F-word, skip to the next paragraph now — but Phil Giubileo makes a few appearances in this SI video about the Danbury Trashers.

Meanwhile, the Patrick Kane story is just so sordid. It’s more than possible that two heinous crimes were committed here, and we don’t have any idea yet who may have committed them.

New Horizons is just awesome.

And original Sound Tigers front-officer Kate Girotti is the new vice president of marketing at Barclays Center. Nice to see her back in a real time zone.

Michael Fornabaio