Fifteen years: Trivia Time

It’s the team’s 15th anniversary, as the patch on the sweater may’ve told you, so this year’s annual trivia quiz has a little more historical bent than usual.

1) Just because we’re looking back doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for the annual calendar-year scoring question. So who had the most points by a Sound Tiger in 2015?

2) Who’s the all-time-highest-scoring Sound Tiger never to wear a captain’s or alternate’s letter?

3) Brent Thompson has now been head coach for the second-most games in Sound Tigers history — well, unless you count playoff games, in which case he has one more game to catch Steve Stirling — non-consecutive and Grover-Clevelandy as his terms may be, going on two and a half seasons. Name the only six men to work three or more full seasons as a Sound Tigers coach, whether as a head coach or an assistant. (And though Bernie Cassell has more or less been here for a over decade, he was only an “official” assistant for two.)

4) (a) Who’s the only defenseman to take a penalty shot for the Sound Tigers?
(b) The Sound Tigers played the same opponent the night after that penalty shot. What changed for that opponent between those two games?

5) Why did Graham Belak say he wore 53?

6) Match the Sound Tiger with his curious place in team history:

a) Dieter Kochan 1) Latest first Bridgeport penalty, 4:42.3 of overtime
b) Brian Day 2) Credited with a goal on his own delayed penalty
c) Mike Iggulden 3) Most saves in a shutout, 45
d) Wade Dubielewicz    4) Fastest goal into a game, 12 seconds
e) Trevor Smith 5) Delay minor, only penalty for either team
f) Rhett Rakhshani 6) Consecutive games without a goal, 125
g) Jody Robinson 7) Only Bridgeport player to earn a shutout and not win
h) Drew Fata 8) Fastest hat trick, 1:59

7) (a) Who has played the most regular-season games for the Sound Tigers without appearing in the playoffs?
(b) How about points: Who’s scored the most without a playoff appearance?

8) (a) You’ll not be shocked that the top five playoff scorers in Sound Tigers history all played in the 2002 playoffs. Who has the most playoff points among those who weren’t here in 2002?
(b) Of the top 18, you’ll probably not be too surprised either, only the answer to 8a didn’t play in either the 2002 playoffs (20 games, a run to the final) or 2003 playoffs (nine games, including the last series win). Who’s next in playoff points among those who made their Sound Tigers debut in 2004 or later?

9) Just because: He played in Bridgeport’s first game, at Rochester, then never played for the Sound Tigers again. Remember his name?

10) There have been 450 men to play for the Sound Tigers. How many can you n….

OK, yeah, no. (If you wanna, hey, we’ll be impressed.) But here’s the Sporcle Quiz: 22 men played in the 2002 playoffs for Bridgeport. How many can you name?

10b) As a crazy bonus, for the heck of it, I did up the Sporcle quiz on the 126 men to play in the playoffs for Bridgeport. Here it is. It was late at night when I did it, but moments after typing it up I was struggling a fair bit with it. (Brain damage. But still.) Have fun!

Will post the answers separately later on today. (Edit: The answers are here.) Enjoy.

Michael Fornabaio