Trivia ’15-16: The Answers

The answers to Thursday’s annual trivia quiz after (hopefully) sufficient spoiler space and a clickthrough from the main page:

(la la la la la la, spoiler space, spoiler space, just in case, spoiler space. Hey, have you seen Star Wars yet? Can we talk about it yet? Wait, never mind)

1) Alan Quine had the most BST points in 2015, 24-30-54 in 71 games. Joe Whitney’s next with 30 in 30, then Aaron Ness with 29 in 45.

2) Trent Hunter, seventh on the team’s all-time list without a letter, playing with all those vets back then.

3) The six men to coach three or more seasons here: Dave Baseggio (1 head, 4 assistant), Pat Bingham (0.8125 and 4.1875); Eric Boguniecki (4.434 and counting), Jack Capuano (3.1875 plus 1 as associate coach), Matt Bertani (4), Doug Holewa (3).

4) (a) The only Bridgeport defenseman to take a penalty shot is Wes O’Neill, Nov. 26, 2010 against the Hartford Wolf Pack.
(b) By the next night, the Hartford Wolf Pack had become the Connecticut Whale… for a while.

5) Graham Belak said he wore 53 because it was his parking spot number.

6) Match the Sound Tiger with his curious place in team history: a-3 (Feb. 17, 2005, at Binghamton), b-5 (March 30, 2011, at Portland), c-1 (a trip, Dec. 7, 2008, at Lowell), d-7 (the two scoreless ties in 2003-04), e-4 (Nov. 1, 2009, at Providence), f-8 (April 5, 2011, vs. Springfield), g-6 (scored his only goal Dec. 19, 2003, at Worcester, so it’s theoretically active), h-2 (Nov. 5, 2006, vs. Hartford)

7) (a) Brett Gallant played 187 regular-season games without a playoff appearance. Nosed ahead of Jamie Fraser, 179. A couple of active players could top that if they don’t get there this year.
(b) Hey, he’s the answer to two questions this year: Alan Quine, 105 and counting, has the most points without a playoff game.

8) (a) The most playoff points without a playoff appearance in 2002 was Rob Collins, 7-7-14 in 14 playoff games, 2004 and 2006.
(b) Aside from Collins, the highest-scoring Sound Tiger without a 2002 or 2003 playoff appearance is Trevor Smith, 19th with 2-5-7 in 10 games, 2009 and 2010

9) Petr Mika played Oct. 5, 2001, at Rochester, then went home.

10) When you’re done trying to remember seventh defensemen from 2004 and 2009, try that Sporcle quiz about locating the states without having the borders drawn for you, then get ticked off when you get zonked because they drew West Virginia as an amorphous blob.

Thanks for playing.

Michael Fornabaio