Seeing how things look tomorrow: Friday notes

Status quo all around, at the moment, apparently: on the lineup, and on the schedule*, too. (The NHL just announced tonight’s Caps-Ducks game, which had already been moved up to 5 p.m., is off.) Edit, 2:40 p.m.: Hershey’s home game tomorrow against Lehigh Valley was postponed to Monday.

Mike Halmo was back on at Wonderland with a pretty-looking row of stitches on his right eyebrow. Says he’s feeling good. It was “a little scary” taking that Ryan Pulock shot to the head. Yeah, can imagine.

The plan is J.F. Berube tomorrow, not surprisingly, and day-to-day from there.


When the Sound Tigers scored Sunday to snap an 0-for-19 power-play skid, I wondered if that was anywhere close to a record. Not even, though sorting it all out last night revealed that we missed a little history earlier in the season. Bridgeport’s team record drought at home is an 0-for-34 in 2013-14. They scored seven power-play goals on the road in that stretch, including three games with two apiece, so it may not have stood out, at least in my memory. There was a home 0-for-33 in 2004-05 and an 0-for-29 late in the inaugural season. There were three skids of 20 or more in 2003-04, including a 1-for-47; the sixth power play of that, it’s noted in the file, is Marty Wilford’s accidental high-stick into Jeff Hamilton’s eye, which may help explain things.

So, no, that 0-for-19 is tied for 13th.

On the road, we blew through history. Joe Whitney scored a power-play goal in the first game at St. John’s this year. The Sound Tigers didn’t score another road power-play goal until the night Alan Quine got hurt in Portland, 41 chances. (This is part of why — actually, at 5-for-78, it’s better than half of why — they’re also last in the league on the road at 6.4 percent.) They scored six power-play goals at home in the meantime, but this run includes the overall 0-for-25 earlier in the year. Before that, the team road record was an 0-for-31 late in 2003-04, which began with a goal right at the end of a minor that was still credited as a PPG. Take that away, and it would’ve been 0-for-35. There was also an 0-for-30 to start 2004-05.


Hartford got Jayson Megna back from the Rangers. Edmonton called Griffin Reinhart back up. Lehigh Valley, still with a veterans crunch, let Matt Lashoff go.

And Paul Lukas on the Whalers logo with its designer. Always loved the hidden-in-plain-sight ‘H’. Relatedly, it was only like four years ago I learned about the arrow in the FedEx logo. Now it’s all I can see…

*-Forgot to buy rolls the other day. Couldn’t get near my usual parking spot at the local warehouse store today. Y’know, think I can make something else for dinner. At least I haven’t run out of milk like I usually do right before a storm…

Michael Fornabaio