“That was 10 minutes ago!*”: Sunday notes

I should’ve had some guts and led today’s story this way, but I only hinted at it: Rather than the Land of Chocolate, the Sound Tigers spent Sunday at the Land of Wonder.

Ehh. It’s not even that good. Whatever. Never mind.

They practiced at Wonderland rather than bus out through who-knows-what to this excitement:


Having needed three hours to dig my car out from 36 inches three years ago, sympathies from one valley to another.

Lines, pairs, three goalies: Everything looked as it did before, except that Ross Johnston, in no-contact red, was with them the whole time Sunday. He’s still a ways away, Brent Thompson said, but at least he’s getting closer.

Hartford, Saturday’s scheduled opponent, continued not to lose; seven consecutive starts for Magnus Hellberg and seven wins, back to the Sound Tigers’ visit to Hartford on Jan. 9. And from Saturday, prescout. Couple of Falcons goals from defensemen, including Phil Samuelsson’s winner. (Providence has points in 10 in a row: 7-0-3-0. Bridgeport is now sixth in the division both on percentage and on points accumulated.)

Hope you all rode this thing out well enough. Finished up about nine inches here north of town. It was decidedly a Nor’easter, as the south side of my roof has a surprisingly large lip of snow hanging off. Atlas Obscura on weather models and why shoveling snow is dangerous stuff. Down on the Island, Thomas Greiss got busy.

And, a few days belatedly now, RIP, Rik Wilson.


Michael Fornabaio