Couple for Quine: Post-All-Star quotes

“Fun, a lot of fun,” were the first words out of Alan Quine’s mouth when I got to him through the packed dressing room after the all-star game/challenge/classic concluded.

You played three games to get to the playoffs in this thing, and thus Quine’s the first Sound Tiger to play off for anything in the AHL in almost four years. That playoff went about as well as the last Bridgeport playoff, but whatever. It was a neat little change of pace; way more fun seeing it decide the all-star game than to decide a meaningful game.

For the guys on the ice? “The format was exciting,” Quine said. “The guys were extremely skilled. They made it a good pace.” That meant hard work to keep up and play defense. Like, um, blocking shots in the playoffs-for-all-intents-and-purposes last round-robin game? “It’s something to add to my defensive game,” Quine deadpanned. “It’s coming around.”

He potted a couple, and he was excited to get to play with both Dustin Jeffrey and Nick Cousins a lot. They each had a point on his first goal. Cousins had one on his second. (Story coming in tomorrow’s paper.)

Different animals, but Quine becomes the second Sound Tiger to score two goals in an all-star (game/challenge/etc.). Ryan Strome had two in Newfoundland two years ago against Farjestad. Five others scored a goal.

And now, two days later, he’s going to try to finish that drive home.


Me too. Unless something changes, more Thursday.

Michael Fornabaio