Snow day: Monday notes

If that’s the tail end of the storm, I’m glad I missed the big part of it. Slick out there. Partly why I missed the practice part of practice. Word is all is basically as it was, with the re-addition of Scott Mayfield.

A fractured larynx for Malcolm Subban. Amazing. The P-Bruins brought Jeremy Smith back from Iowa.

Hershey and Binghamton were the only game on the schedule yeterday, and what a special-teams spectacular it was. Hershey went 4-for-11 on the power play, and was up in all for 16:24… 9:19 of that consecutively, from 13:32 of the second to 2:51 of the third, including 4:21 of five-on-three. Things got so wacky that, at one point, with three penalties to be served, a Senator got released and they played five-on-four for about 11 seconds. It didn’t even get that far in the Geordie Kinnear game. (Here’s links, if you somehow care and feel like deciphering, to jpegs of my little time worksheets off the box, overall situations and time on the penalty clocks at important junctures, because yipes was that fun.)

The Maple Leafs called Mark Arcobello back up today.

The ECHL made official that it’s going to Worcester, if not until 2017. Cooler part: Toby O’Brien, once an Islanders scout and a central figure around here for a couple of years, is the team’s president and GM.

Atlas Obscura on French in New Hampshire. Didn’t know the Francophone population up there (even down into central Massachusetts, in Lowell, etc.) was so high until I started going for games. (It took me longer to figure out why.)

And a copy of this map hangs at the War Memorial in the barn in Syracuse. Finally got a chance to give it a digital once-over last night. Modern-day Syracuse is at the top of the “Onondago Reservation” rectangle. The dotted-line road that runs roughly east-west and forks at Oneida looks like today’s Route 5. The top edge runs to Fort Schuyler: Utica. There’s a whole patch “Ceded to Massachusets,” which I guess got Ceded back at some point, but at the southeast end of that is a spot at the confluence of the “Chenengo” and the Susquehanna that, apparently, belonged to a Bingham, and his name’s still stuck there. Cool stuff. Hope to poke around it a little more. Edit: Found via this site.

Michael Fornabaio