If it ain’t broke, Tuesday edition

Same lines as ever recently; same pairs as recent-usual when Mayfield has been here. It’ll probably take major events (or a loss) to change things.

Joe Whitney in town, cast on the leg for a while longer, bummed about being out… but happy about the Beanpot.

Sacred Heart pointed it out to us: Trumbull’s Alex Vazzano, younger brother of BST goalie coach John, got his first ECHL win Sunday in Manchester.

The only two Eastern Conference teams that Bridgeport doesn’t play are Toronto and Binghamton. They were both affected by a nine-player trade that went down today. Oh, their parents’ rosters were kind of affected, too. (During Bridgeport practice, there were reports that something was happening with Dion Phaneuf. The announcement, I saw later, came one tweet after I closed the laptop.)

Michael Fornabaio