Islanders call for Wright

Banged up up front, the Islanders called up James Wright tonight. A guy who’s been up there a fair bit with a couple of different teams and has been in all situations here.

A big ding in all situations for a team facing elimination, but Brent Thompson dredged the “We’re All Islanders” line up from the depths of history this weekend; they’ll regroup from there. Does that open the door for Anthony Greco? Could there be more shuffling after an inconsistent weekend? Going on the road, where matching up will be harder anyway: Does that inspire (or maybe “allow” is the better word) more changes? We’ll see how they look tomorrow.


While we’re here, Bruce Garrioch reportes that Ottawa may be looking at Belleville as an AHL spot. “There are a lot of moving parts,” which I have found myself saying a lot for a couple of years after hearing it from a lot of different people throughout the Pacific exodus/Long Island ordeals, should really be the AHL motto.

Michael Fornabaio