Landing Boulton: Friday notes

Agent Michael Wulkan tweeted that Eric Boulton is coming back to the Islanders; Arthur Staple says he expects Boulton here more than there. It feels as if we’ve heard that song before, but maybe this is the year; it’s also possible that some of Boulton’s IR stints have eliminated the need for AHL stints the past couple of years.

Meanwhile, there’s the old saw about how if you wait long enough, everything comes back in style. But who saw “Islanders to Shea” coming back so soon? It seems very preliminary, but at the same time, they’ve probably got a pretty good template on how to do it from the last time they thought about doing it.

A new boss in Hershey: With Doug Yingst retired, the Bears named former captain and former assistant coach Bryan Helmer their new vice president of hockey operations. (He’s also Matt Carkner’s brother-in-law.)

The new Danbury coach is ex-Danbury Whaler David Lun.

Quinnipiac announced a contract extension for Rand Pecknold.

And RIP, Garry Marshall and Dennis Green.

Michael Fornabaio