Exhibition sked/J.Holmstrom back/Friday notes

Unfortunate that I don’t have “Routine-announcement plug tweet sparks ‘BST to Nassau!!!’ speculation” on my Sound Tigers Bingo card. Eagerly awaiting the season so I can mark off “Routine send-down to the ECHL sparks ‘Isles are sending (fan-hated player) down to Bridgeport!!!’ speculation” and “There is no AHL roster limit.” Anyway. The announcement that disappointed an Island: two Bridgeport preseason games, one in Hartford at Trinity College, one bringing Providence (and, to join in on speculation fun, perhaps Milford’s Mark Naclerio?) to the Wonderland of Ice on the Saturday before the season starts.

The regular-season schedule is coming soon, sounds like early next week, perhaps even Monday.

Bridgeport announced Josh Holmstrom‘s return yesterday, leaving Colin Markison to come, as far as I know.

Neat that Puck Stopper Photo, Bill and Jon Tenca, got a Brett Gallant photo on the poster for the new documentary “Ice Guardians.”

Elsewhere, Sudsie Maharaj, former Islanders and Sound Tigers goalies coach, is the new goalies coach for Anaheim. He’d been with the Ducks as a consultant for the past few years.

The reported list of candidates for Colorado’s new coach has a bunch of familiar names, including Washington assistant and former Sound Tigers assistant Lane Lambert.

Sebastien Sylvestre, who had a good showing in the Bridgeport exhibition games but was, if I recall, the only AHL-contract guy who didn’t get in a game up here last year, signed with Orlando.

The new Laval team’s nickname is down to three options. I understand the reasons for the singular Rocket, as there was but one, but…

And RIP, John McLaughlin, Jay Fishman and Fyvush Finkel.

Michael Fornabaio