Not Joshing: Tuesday notes

There was one swap today from Saturday’s lines: Josh Ho-Sang for Josh Holmstrom. That’d full-time break up the Green Line for the first time since Oct. 21, but it’d unite a couple of other brothers. But: It’s also Tuesday and a long way to Friday. Brent Thompson said things could change by then, and with the three-in-three, too, he expected to use most of his roster.

That should include an extra defenseman. “We’ll definitely get a guy up,” Thompson said. “We wanted them to play (today), stay in game shape. Missouri’s playing a big game.” Playing it this morning, in fact: The four NYI/BST defensemen are all indeed in the lineup for the Mavericks, who’ve jumped out to an early lead on Allen at this writing, and they all have at least one point. Good to see that Eamon McAdam is back, too.

Speaking of goalies, Christopher Gibson remains out. He’ll be out tomorrow, too, but so will the rest: Team’s not skating.

Cool news from Kane Lafranchise. We wrote a little about this last spring.

In the room today after practice: “Only Wanna Be With You” into “Intergalactic” to “All Star” to “Basket Case” to “Shine.” Felt like I was in college. Or at least like I should’ve been at the New Haven Coliseum.

Thought about this yesterday but didn’t check until the firmed-up Josh-for-Josh today reminded me. Until 2014, the only Josh in Sound Tigers history was Josh Bailey. Josh Holmstrom on his ATO was the second. And now J.Holmstrom is one of four Joshes of the 23 guys who skated here today: Ho-Sang, Winquist, Robinson. Bridgeport has three (since Robinson has yet to get in) of the eight Joshes or Joshuas (as Winquist is listed) who’ve played in the AHL this year. There were 13 who played in the AHL last year, which included Robinson, Holmstrom and Winquist; that was up from 11 in 2014-15, which included only Winquist, but there were 14 in 2013-14*.

And RIP, Gwen Ifill.

*-Yes, hard-hitting statistical analysis**.
**-We’ve done this before.

Michael Fornabaio