Great shot, kid! That was one in a million: Hartford pregame

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What the… (RT @15keljones: @conjones10 even looks like Luke Skywalker!)

Thanksgiving Eve, a night for football… though thankfully not for us. (Hey, got something to say I’m thankful for tomorrow. On a roll.) Bridgeport is almost the same as it was Sunday, except for Carter Verhaeghe back in his usual spot, with Andrew Rowe out. Eamon McAdam once again, looking to go 3-for-3.

One to scratch each way, Jesse Graham and Tommy Hughes by all appearances. Missed the other alternate for Hartford, if there is one; will try to pick him up. Edit: Glass.

F: Verhaeghe-Kearns (A)-Bernier (A)
Dal Colle-Winquist-Fritz
St. Denis – C.Jones – Ho-Sang
Johnston-B.Holmstrom (C)-J.Holmstrom
D: Cullity-Leduc
G: McAdam

F: Jensen-Hrivik-Fontaine
Glass (A)-Nieves-Stromwall
D: Gilmour-Kampfer
Graves-Bodie (C)
Summers (A)-Paliotta
G: Hellberg

R: T.Koharski, Binda. L: Colby, Galvin.

This should be the box.

Bridgeport scratches (believed healthy unless noted): Gibson (lower body), apparently Graham, Boulton, Gionta (lower body), K.Jones (lower body), Markison (lower body), Rowe.

Michael Fornabaio