Andrews: No BST-move talk

Edit, 5:15: As like 47 people have told me in the past 45 minutes, I guess I asked about the wrong half of the organization.

Asked my annual Islanders-Bridgeport-Nassau Coliseum question this morning at Dave Andrews’ annual press conference. (I actually prefaced it that way this time.) Andrews’ reply will be in a story in tomorrow’s paper, but the gist: He hasn’t heard any talk of the Sound Tigers going anywhere, and the last time he heard Nassau Coliseum come up, it wasn’t Scott Malkin and Jon Ledecky bringing it up.

So there’s that. We all know things can change, but that was a pretty categorical statement.

In other highlights from the morning, this post may be a little out of date: The AHL plans no longer to wait for the NBA schedule to release its schedule. Rather than mid-to-late August, they’re hoping for early-to-mid-July. Still to be determined if they go to 31 teams next year or the year after, and to be determined where that will be, though he said it won’t be Kansas City. (The veterans rule will be a challenge for Vegas, he pointed out; with no youngsters coming in as draft picks, you’ve got to sign the “young vet” types who don’t have 260 games played, of which not a ton always become available, or you’ve got to sign college or European players. Not easy.

Andrews introduced PHPA boss Larry Landon to talk a little about plans for their 50th anniversary. They’ll kick off that celebration at their annual meeting in mid-June.

As all that probably implies, we’ve made it out to Allentown. Saw Devon Toews briefly on his way out of the AHL Hall of Fame ceremonies; he said basically this. Having a good time, though. We’ll bug him about last night’s skills contest heroics when the rooms open before tonight’s all-star tournament. He joins Trent Hunter (4-for-6 in the accuracy contest in 2003) and Ryan Strome (4-for-6 in 2014, a three-way tie for first) and Aaron Ness (individual puck-control race in 2015) as Bridgeport champions in individual events. (Oh, and obviously Mike Santorelli in Worcester.)

Probably some light snark and occasional actual updates tonight on Twitter, then a wrapup blog post. And then probably nothing until Thursday, at least if I can help it.

Managed to miss earlier this weekend that Taylor Beck was replaced here by teammate Jordan Oesterle, but ex-Sound Tiger Cory Conacher was a late addition yesterday for the North Division. A virus going through the Albany Devils kept their three all-stars home. Conacher will wear 9 tonight. Toews is wearing his usual No. 7. MSG Plus and NESN.

Bummed to read this about veteran BBC DJ Brian Matthew. Hope he continues to do well. Discovered “SOTS” accidentally about 10 years ago — it was bookmarked on a hand-me-down work laptop, the one that I otherwise usually wanted to throw out of the press box — and it has been a fantastic weekly listen. Hope it remains that way, whoever takes it over.

And condolences to Quebec.

Michael Fornabaio