Hug your linesmen: ASG wrap

The Atlantic swept the round-robin portion by a combined 10-2, but it couldn’t score on the Central Division in the final. Matt Lorito, late of Brown, tallied on the fourth round of the shootout, and the Central won its second All-Star tournament in a row. Taylor Leier, with three goals, was named MVP in his home barn.

Devon Toews wound up with one shot and was a plus-2 in four “games.” The experience “was awesome. Better than I thought,” Toews said. “I was a little nervous … not a lot of familiar faces. But all the guys were awesome guys, easy to approach.”

He said he didn’t know what to expect going into last night’s fastest-skater contest, didn’t get a lot of warmup. Jack Roslovic of Manitoba set a mark of 13.674 right off the bat. “I felt I got a good jump at the start,” he said, got some good speed, and came in at 13.478.

I asked him about that before tonight’s event, at which point I hadn’t seen last night’s lap, not realizing that it’d been tweeted. When I found it, I wondered something from the very end of that clip. He circles halfway around again in the cool-down, goes toward center ice. Someone holds out his hand to shake, and Toews goes straight into the hug. Who was that? “Cookie,” Toews said: Linesman Glen Cooke. “He did a lot of our games at Quinnipiac. He was always one of the most friendly guys. I got to sit by him in the ceremony and learn a little bit of his life story. He’s such a genuine guy.” Pretty cool.

So. Hope at least one or two Twitter jokes made sense. Most likely more Thursday, unless crazy arena stuff continues.

Michael Fornabaio