Failed democracies: Fake Team Awards XII

I’m a little worried our little fake awards have reached the end of their useful life. We got seven votes this week — hey, one for each Springfield goal last night — which resulted in a hilariously split result. (I suspect this is kind of what an actual National Popular Vote for president looks like, but no politics.)

We got a result — barely — for the Seventh Player Award, which goes to Travis St. Denis. St. Denis was the Other Quinnipiac Guy when the team assembled, but he had a big camp, played bigger than his program vitals and was missed when he was hurt.

Fan Favorite… Well, I guess you guys like this team pretty evenly. We got seven votes for seven different players.

The Three Stars Award is actually still up in the air at this writing. Bracken Kearns has a very slight edge to win for the second year in a row, but Ryan Pulock and Carter Verhaeghe could take it today. Edit postgame: Though Verhaeghe had three points, the Penguins went with three home players in their finale victory, leaving Kearns ahead in the end.

SEVENTH PLAYER: Travis St. Denis 2, Eamon McAdam 1, Connor Jones 1, Devon Toews 1, Jon Landry 1, Tanner Fritz 1.

FAN FAVORITE: TIE, Ross Johnston 1, Pat Cullity 1, Ryan Pulock 1, Christopher Gibson 1, Josh Winquist 1, Jon Landry 1, Michael Dal Colle 1

Fake Team Awards History
Seventh Player
2006–Matt Koalska
2007–Jason Pitton
2008–Trevor Smith
2009–Tyler Haskins
2010–Jon Gleed
2011–Jeremy Colliton
  2011 special–Trainer Mike Schroeder/Equipment manager Leni DiCostanzo
2012–Tony Romano
2013–Brandon DeFazio
2014–Mike Halmo
2015–Scooter Vaughan
2016–Jared Gomes
2017–Travis St. Denis

Fan Favorite
Steve Regier
2007–Wade Dubielewicz
2008–Kip Brennan
2009–Pascal Morency
2010–Greg Mauldin
2011–Micheal Haley
2012–Micheal Haley
2013–Ty Wishart
2014–Justin Johnson
2015–Brett Gallant
2016–Joe Whitney/Mike Halmo (tie)

Three Stars Award
Wade Dubielewicz
2007–Wade Dubielewicz
2008–Jeff Tambellini
2009–Nathan Lawson/Mike Iggulden (shared)
2010–Greg Mauldin
2011–Jeremy Colliton
2012–Kevin Poulin
2013–Nino Niederreiter
2014–Ryan Strome
2015–Kevin Poulin
2016–Bracken Kearns
2017–Bracken Kearns

Michael Fornabaio