Smashville, CT: Monday notes

Paul Fenton played in New Haven some mumblety-mumble years ago when I used to hang out on occasion in Section 4.

Kevin McCarthy coached in New Haven some mumble years ago when I used to hang out more often and slightly higher in Section 4.

Jeff Camelio was Bridgeport’s equipment manager some less mumbly but still years ago. Harry Zolnierczyk played in Bridgeport a couple of years ago. Trevor Smith and Scott Ford, in the organization, played here, too, and Stan Drulia played in New Haven more mumblety-mumbly years ago. (Justin Florek played in Bridgeport, too, but he’s already off to Germany.)

There’s a whole lot of oblique local connections to this Nashville Predators team that’s just won the Western Conference, is what I’m trying to say. There were a few on Anaheim, too, Dave Baseggio and Sudsie Maharaj chief among them. But at least we could watch knowing we’d be happy for somebody at the end of it, even if we mumbled a bit along the way.


Sacred Heart’s Justin Danforth, who went to Rochester after he played one game with Bridgeport, signed with the Amerks for next season.

Fond tip of cap to Devil His Due, on whom I think I won a couple of bucks once. (H/t: Teresa Genaro)

And… frickin’ world.

Michael Fornabaio