Holding pattern: Monday notes

Happy new year. Like Year 1, at Wonderland on New Year’s Day. It was busier than I remember it being in 2002. Twice as many rinks, too. (I was less sick today, at least.)

We wait for further news on Devon Toews — could come tomorrow — and on a call-up to bolster the defense for the road trip on which the team departs tomorrow. The latter news likely comes down this afternoon. Worcester lost in Manchester last night.

The team basically looked today as it did Saturday, though that Scott Eansor-for-Travis St. Denis swap between the power-play units appears to have stuck.

We may see both Andrey Pedan and Kevin Czuczman on Wednesday after all: Pittsburgh sent Pedan down today. It also called up Dominik Simon, who was sent down when Pittsburgh called up Daniel Sprong.

A win for the American juniors yesterday in Buffalo. They’ll face Russia in the quarterfinals tomorrow night. Speaking of holding patterns, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams will be announced later this afternoon. See just how local-flavor it gets.

Michael Fornabaio