As we age, youth arrives: Saturday notes

The Islanders’ first round brought a couple of talented kids. Their second through seventh rounds brought… me a feeling best expressed in this reply (we’ll get to that in a moment). The Big Club’s six picks Saturday included a couple of kids of NHLers I grew up watching, Michal Pivonka (Jacob, headed to Notre Dame, went to them in the fourth round) and Todd Krygier (Michigan State-bound Christian, a defenseman, in the seventh, a few picks ahead of twin brother Cole).

Todd Krygier makes two UConn references in the Islanders’ second day, too: Second second-rounder Ruslan Iskhakov is a future Husky.

Jack Drury, Ted’s son (and thus, if you do the math on your hands, Chris’ nephew), went to Carolina at 42.

Chip Malafronte has other local-college-tied draft picks in tomorrow’s Sunday Gravy. Did we link to his original Wallack-Albertus Magnus report? There it is if not.

And tip of cap to both our buddies Jim Fuller and Doug Bonjour.

Michael Fornabaio