Long time: late Monday notes

Arthur Staple reports that Matt Bertani was among those let go by the new regime of late. Bertani had been in the organization a decade: He joined Bridgeport in 2008-09 as the second assistant and video coach under Jack Capuano and Pat Bingham, was Bingham’s only assistant the second half of 2010-11, and stayed under Brent Thompson and Eric Boguniecki the next year. He moved up to the Big Club in 2012.

Some big names non-tendered by Colorado, and on the list is Jesse Graham.

And elsewhere, Belleville has its Mann, and I don’t apologize.

TEAM Old New
SA-a Eric Veilleux (4/17)  Drew Bannister (6/5) 
LAV Sylvain Lefebvre (4/17)  Joel Bouchard (5/17) 
HER Troy Mann (4/25)  — 
BAK Gerry Fleming (4/27)  Jay Woodcroft (4/27) 
BEL Kurt Kleinendorst (5/1)  Troy Mann (6/25) 
TUC Mike Van Ryn (5/30, STL ass’t)  — 
GR Todd Nelson (5/31, DAL ass’t)  Ben Simon (6/5) 
STK Ryan Huska (5/31, CAL ass’t)  Cail MacLean (6/4) 
MIL Dean Evason (6/6, MIN ass’t)  — 
COL-a New franchise  — 

a-St. Louis takes over San Antonio, while the Colorado Eagles join the league.

Michael Fornabaio