Splitting pairs: Tuesday notes

Same array up front as Sunday (at least, as Sunday began) for the Sound Tigers today at Wonderland, but a tweak to something that hasn’t really been tweaked in a long time.

Vande Sompel-Burroughs

In no particular order.

“I want to see, just see how it goes. There’s nothing set in stone,” Brent Thompson said. “It’s an opportunity to see if there’s different chemistry, or guys can get used to playing with different guys.”

It is early in the week. They’ve got three-in-three to come.

“We’ve got a good six, good eight back there,” Devon Toews said. “Whoever’s in, I think we’ve got a good advantage back there.”

Chris Bourque was an extra on his brother’s line, with Travis St. Denis and Steve Bernier. He wasn’t a full participant, though, often skating hard himself across the neutral zone after a practice rush went by. “It was an opportunity to get him on the ice, see where he’s at,” Thompson said. “We want to make sure he can skate and move and get his conditioning up.” Scott Eansor was a fourth on the fourth line.

Stephen Gionta cleared waivers but stays up for now.

Nothing new on Matt Gaudreau or Ivan Kosorenkov, Thompson said. (Matt’s brother had a moment the other night.)

Elsewhere, their goaltending dinged up in all directions over the past few weeks, Eamon McAdam backed up for the Leafs last night.

This was pretty awesome: Tim Hortons brings a Kenyan hockey team to Canada.

RIP, Paul Allen.

And too belatedly noted, RIP, George Kolombatovich, a part of so many of my college memories (and most of my craziest).

Michael Fornabaio