Promotions of various sorts: Wednesday notes

The (other) beat goes on, so the blog suffers (sigh), but a few things of note have gone down in the past couple of days…

–Islanders draft-pick goalie Jakub Skarek’s Finnish club expects him to play in North America this year. (h/t: Samuel Tirpak.)

–The Sound Tigers released their promotions schedule. Getting Julie Chu involved for Girls Hockey day is a great thing. (Wait are there new Liv pix YES THERE ARE)

–North Branford’s Adam Erne was traded to Detroit today. Restricted free agent at the moment.

Josh Holmstrom has signed with Norfolk, about the only move we’ve caught wind of the past couple of weeks. (We’ve been looking for wind more of other things lately, but still.)

Belmont seems to be proceeding as well as can be expected.

–Onetime* Sound Tiger Scott Burt has a new gig as assistant coach in Idaho. Burt finished his playing career in 2011, winning the Kelly Cup with Alaska, coached by some guy named Brent Thompson. A full 40 percent of the players and coaches listed on that championship roster have played for or coached Bridgeport at one point or another.

These were fun when they popped out of the scratch pile. (Too much fun, really, because I had work to do; of course, that’s probably why I noticed in the first place.) The black-ink lines narrowed down almost immediately to Feb. 19, 2016 (51, Tanner Fritz, got there 2/18; a note next to the lines said “41 d”: Cullity down, 2/19). The blue, because of who’s there (Mouillierat) and who’s not (Markison), is sometime March 10-29, 2015, but it’d take a harder look to get the exact date. (Didn’t write down the goalies, which would help a little more, but I evidently wasn’t thinking about 2019 procrastination at that practice.)

–We’re wishing the best for Hall/Southington hockey coach Brian Cannon.

–Tip of cap to the legendary Mike Ashmore on a baseball milestone.

–RIP, Toni Morrison and Rosie Ruiz.

–And congratulations, Alan and Emily.

*-Literally: Nov. 7, 2007, was the only AHL game in a 13-year pro career

Michael Fornabaio