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CT cars of the rich and anonymous


You don’t need to be a car enthusiast to have a dream car. Most drivers have an exotic or luxury vehicle in mind should they finally hit that elusive Powerball jackpot. But here in Fairfield County we have a few communities where folks can actually afford to own and drive vehicles the rest of us only dream of. So we decided to look at what some of our more affluent residents are driving.

Darien’s median household income is more than three times Connecticut’s median with house prices that are some of the highest in the region, if not the nation. Therefore you know a lot of residents are driving sweet rides. To find out which vehicles are gracing those lavish garages, we took a look at the 2013 Darien Grand List to see the town’s top 10 most valuable vehicles, based on the current assessment.


You would expect to see Ferraris, Bentleys, Aston Martins and Maseratis on the list. But five Bentley Continentals leading the way? Now the Continental is a fantastic car and I am a huge fan of Bentley’s combination of performance,  luxury and understated elegance. But where are the Bugattis? The Rolls Royces? How about a McLaren or a Pagani? With Miller Motorcars right down the Post Road in nearby Greenwich, all these exotic marques can be delivered right to your solid mahogany front door.

Is the Bentley Continental the go-to vehicle for Fairfield County’s well-heeled, or is Darien an outlier? What about New Canaan? Do Darien’s affluent residents prefer less flash than their neighbors? The most recent list for New Canaan I could get my hands on was 2012:


This is more like it. There is a decidedly more Italian flair to New Canaan’s top vehicles. The first two are very desirable, but they are collectible vintage sports cars, not daily drivers, so let’s toss them out and look at the newer iron. Ferrari dominates the top 10 with one Aston in the mix. Some consider the FF to be Ferrari’s “family car,” but with four handcrafted leather buckets, 651 horses and a top end of 208 mph, this is no Camry.

Weirdly, New Canaan and Darien are nearly identical in terms of median HHI and population size. So what gives? Is it something in the water, since Darien abuts Long Island Sound? Is the Continental a more appropriate vehicle to park at the yacht club than a Ferrari? Or are New Canaan’s residents just wilder by nature?