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: June, 2014

5 strategies to impress interviewers

The big day has finally arrived, along with all the preparation and effort it takes to receive an invitation to interview. With the anticipation of a meeting also comes the reality of having to convince the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the job. Coming in with a few strategies beforehand will generate […]

5 tips for eating a healthier work lunch

When it comes to lunch break options, people in the San Francisco Bay Area have plenty of delicious dishess to choose from. Unfortunately, not everything on the lunch menu is good for your body. According to the American Heart Association, a diet high in saturated, trans fats and cholesterol raises blood cholesterol, and high blood […]

How to deal with a difficult boss

Toxic bosses exist everywhere. Whether they’re a young professional who was promoted too quickly and micromanages everyone or a bully boss with anger issues, a difficult manager can sap all joy from your job. Leaving your company may be your first idea. This solution can hurt your career in the long run, especially since learning […]

7 tips for mastering the phone interview

In the San Francisco Bay Area, recruiters and hiring managers put a lot of emphasis on the phone interview. And aside from judging your responses, they are also using every sound that comes from the phone to paint a picture of you. Here are seven tips to help you sound and be your best during […]

5 common office hazards and how to avoid them

Most office environments seem safe. Whether you work for an established corporation in Silicon Valley or a budding startup in the city, the office appears harmless — especially when compared to more industrial work settings. But even in hip and cutting-edge environments, dangers exist. Here are five common office hazards to watch out for. Hazard […]

4 tips for a successful panel interview

While the panel interview was in the past reserved for executives, the time-saving benefit it provides has made it a popular screening option for jobs at any level. In the San Francisco Bay Area, it has become a common way to interview for both techie and non-techie roles. But while it has proven to be […]

What have you learned from your career mistakes?

Whether you like your present employer or are looking to change jobs, the lessons you learn from your career mistakes can influence your present and future decisions. No doubt, making a mistake at work or accepting a job only to turn around months later and leave is a career lesson that is probably etched in your mind. […]

5 tips for decreasing work stress at the office

The bustling Bay Area is a wonderful place to work. But like any competitive market, working in this unique climate — with software releases, sales or fundraising goals, and with the general attitude to stay ahead of technology needs — can wear anyone down. And while your company may boast great perks, you still feel […]

Avoid negative self-talk

Do you ever find yourself talking yourself down? The internal side of a job search usually gets pushed aside in the rush to get the technical — and tangible — job-search tools developed. The mental or internal side of a job search is what takes over once you have the technical side of things under […]

Practical advice on how to get promoted

Around the country, people often have to wait for the yearly review to be considered for a promotion. But, in the Bay Area, that’s not the case. The constant shifting of people leaving for higher paying jobs, and revolving door of contract workers, open up opportunities for advancement before an official review. Here are some […]