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: August, 2014

7 bad workplace habits that can cost you your job

Everyone has bad habits — that’s just part of life. But even in a place as laid back as the San Francisco Bay Area, bad behavior at the office can cause conflict and even hurt your career. Here are seven habits to be mindful of at work. Belo Cipriani is an award-winning author, former staffing […]

What happened to your New Year’s resolutions?

As the summer draws to an end with Labor Day weekend, most people begin to realize the goals they were eager to accomplish at the beginning of the year are still goals waiting to be put into action. Last week’s topic was on procrastination however this week would like to discuss the value of staying […]

Dealing with unethical behavior in the workplace

Whether your employer is a Silicon Valley giant or an early stage startup, you may encounter colleagues whose behavior may cross the unethical threshold. And while ignoring the bad conduct may seem like the best coping strategy, in the long run, ignoring the negative behavior may hurt your projects and career. Here are a few […]

Could a temp job be a good career move?

If you have been in the job market for a while, working for a temp agency can be a good way to supplement your income while you experience different work environments. It is important to keep in mind that when you reach out to a temp agency you are also  making contact with your potential employer.  A temp agency […]

How to explain being fired in a job interview

It’s a nightmare scenario: you’ve been fired from your last job and a hiring manager is asking why you were let go. And although you may have not been fully responsible for your termination, sounding bitter or angry about it may keep you from getting hired. Here are five tips to help you better explain […]

25 top companies for culture and values

Workers who value strong company values and culture may find their fit in the San Francisco Bay Area, according to a report released Friday from Glassdoor. The online job resource ranked the top 25 companies when it comes to culture and values, based on feedback from employees. Eleven of them are technology companies, 10 are […]

5 skills for being a great boss

Whether you’ve just been promoted or it’s you’re first time taking the lead on a project, you may be wondering how to best engage your team. After all, we generally hear more about terrible bosses than good ones. But while some people are natural leaders, without self-reflection and practicing good supervision techniques, their innate abilities […]

Reasons you might be procrastinating

If you have ever felt the mental tug-of-war that takes place when you know you should be working on completing specific tasks only to delay them while doing something less meaningful, you aren’t alone. According to a recent survey from CareerBuilder, one in four workers (taken from a sample of 3,022 full-time employees) admits to spending […]

8 tips for acing your first day at a new job

First days at a new job can be nerve-racking — especially for those with less work experience. And although the office scene in the San Francisco Bay Area is occasionally casual, on a first day, it can seem intimidating. Here are eight tips to help you ace your first day and impress your new boss […]

Best-paying jobs for high school graduates

While many have stressed a college degree as the path to a fulfilling career, there are many well-paying jobs available right out of high school. Some require long-term hands on training, other jobs can be started immediately. An analysis from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists showed 115 occupations that pay above $20 an hour that only […]