STAFFUP offers a new way to network, interview

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Recruiting has changed significantly in the San Francisco Bay Area over the last five years, especially with the addition of social media to the hiring process of many organizations. But the question remains: Will the candidate’s skills transfer to the new job?

This weekend, recruiting event STAFFUP offers a new way to interview that’s less stressful and more rewarding for both the company and the applicant. It’s part conference, part job fair, and part internship.

The event features lectures on finding the right role in high tech, selling yourself to hiring managers, and determining how good a hiring manager will be. Attendees will also have an opportunity to show their skills by tackling projects as teams. ”Resumes don’t earn trust,” said Chris Nicholson, head of recruiting at FutureAdvisor, a digital investment manager startup in San Francisco, “but doing  good work does.”

On top of filling a few of its own openings, event sponsor FutureAdvisor will forward candidates to startups that are hiring in the Sequoia and Y Combinator communities.

STAFFUP offers a unique way to network and to learn. But just like any type of career-oriented function, preparation is key. Going into any learning environment with an open mind is crucial. Most importantly though, you’ll need a plan for recording information. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sensory overload that occurs at conferences and networking gatherings — making it tough to digest what’s being presented.

While note taking may be a first thought, it doesn’t work for everyone and it’s often not the speediest approach. Take a few moments to figure out how your own memory works. Are you instantly taken back to an event by looking at a photo? Or are you more responsive to listening to a lecture on a CD as you commute to work? If you are unsure, give them both a try.

More often than not, people get more from materials after some time has passed. So, if you go to an event and feel like you got nothing out of it, look back at your notes, audio files or even pictures a few weeks later.

STAFFUP runs from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 in the Impact Hub space at 901 Mission St., in the Chronicle building. For more information on the STAFFUP or to buy a ticket, click here. Advance tickets cost $5.

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