5 New Year’s resolutions that will jumpstart your career in 2015

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The year 2014 is just about done and many of us will be making goals that will improve our career outcomes in the new year. But whether you want to move up in your organization, change jobs, or finish that novel that you haven’t touched since Halloween, creating an action plan for each resolution is key to having your goals become a reality. Here are five popular New Year’s resolutions and suggestions for how to pursue each one.

Getting a raise
In order to improve the chances of your request for more pay to come through in 2015, try quantifying your work in your petition. Write a list of tasks that you are responsible for and show how each project impacts the entire business. Point to instances where your contribution helped deliver a product or service to a customer and remind your boss how happy the client was in the end. This approach will make your accomplishments more tangible for your manager and help him find just cause for a raise.

Getting a new job
The Bay Area job market is super competitive and switching jobs isn’t always as easy as one may think. For this reason, it’s important to use every resource possible to really get yourself out there. But before you move forward with spicing up your LinkedIn profile or reaching out to a staffing agency, to get better results, spend some time figuring out your brand. Are you a tech marketing person for startups or are you a quality assurance engineer specializing in testing enterprise software?

Take time to summarize your skills in one or two sentences that give people a clear idea of what you do. Once you have run your brief bio by a few friends and you like the feedback, make sure that your web profiles and resume are in line with your short bio—your personal brand.

Networking more
Networking can provide a plethora of opportunities if done right. This is why it’s important to only network in environments where you feel comfortable. So, if you are not a conference or meet up type of person, try networking in chatrooms, forums or following the blogs of people in your field. The key is to do whatever you feel comfortable with on a regular basis to have it drive results.

Improving relationships at work
Sometimes, getting along better with your boss and coworkers could be one of the best resolutions to have. After all, we spend a big chunk of our lives at work and having better relationships at the office can even help with stress. One of the easiest ways to improve your relationships at work is to simply get to know your colleagues better. You can invite a teammate to join you for coffee or lunch or it can be as easy as asking what Mary in sales did over the weekend. Whatever route you take, make sure it’s true to who you are.

Becoming more organized
While having an organized desk helps unclutter the mind, having a clean desktop can ease stress and improve productivity. Your computer’s desktop is a lot more important than you think and keeping it well-ordered will help with staying organized. The two most important things to manage closely are your email and calendar. If possible, try creating folders for email messages from certain people and block off 15 minutes every day to work on getting organized.

Keeping your resolutions is much easier to do with an action plan. Also, if you can find someone with the same goal to partner with you, to help keep each other on target, reaching your resolution could be a lot of fun.

And for that novel I haven’t touched since Halloween, I am happy to report that I just joined a writing group that vows to keep me working on my project.

Belo Cipriani is a staffing professional, an award-winning author, a spokesperson for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and the career expert for the Ed Baxter Show on Talk Radio San Francisco 910AM. Learn more at BeloCipriani.com.

Belo Cipriani