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With large companies like Facebook announcing they have more than 1,100 jobs to fill, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would have a hard time finding work in the San Francisco Bay Area. But even though many companies in the Bay Area are aggressively seeking talent, there are still many groups of people who struggle to find employment. One of those groups of people is veterans, who often find reentering the workforce after serving in the military an overwhelming task.

Founded in 2005, San Francisco based non-profit The Coming Home Project began to help veterans find jobs. Since its inception, the non-denominational organization has helped 2,500 veterans find work across the country. Founder and Executive Director Dr. Joseph Bobrow said they have also served family members and caregivers through their four locations in Northern California, Southern California, Virginia and Texas.

“The biggest obstacle for veterans finding work,” shared Dr. Bobrow, “is a hesitation to hire veterans due to hidden concerns over their post-service emotional adjustment, fueled by lack of understanding.”

The Coming Home Project won WILL Interactives’s non-profit challenge and worked with the creator of training films to develop Reinventing Michael Banks. The interactive movie, which chronicles the job search of a veteran named Michael Banks, is a mix of video game and film that helps both veterans and HR professionals better understand each other.

Sharon Sloane, President of WILL Interactive, said they spent about a year interviewing HR professionals and veterans and conducted various focus groups to help write the script for the interactive film — a cause she felt needs support.

“We received proposals around many important issues of national and international concern,” said Sloane. “Both our internal team and the panel of judges were unanimous in the decision to address the reintegration of vets into our civilian workforce.”

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