Mysterious Disney toy reviewer tops list of highest-paid YouTubers

Not everyone needs advanced technical or programming skills to make a buck online. Sometimes a simple idea is worth millions of dollars on YouTube.

DisneyCollectorBR was the highest-paid YouTube star of 2014, according to OpenSlate, raking in $4.9 million for her video reviews of Disney toys. Each video starts with a chirpy “Hey guys, Disney Collector here.” The videos are filmed from the toy’s level. You don’t see DisneyCollectorBR’s face, just her hands as she plays with each toy and explains its features.

It seems like a simple idea, but there’s a huge audience. Most of DisneyCollectorBR’s videos have more than a million page views. Take the below video, for example, which looks at a Princess Cinderella gift set. It was posted one week ago, on Jan. 13, and now has 1.2 million page views. Her most-watched video has 180 million views.

There are some charming characteristics of each video: DisneyCollectorBR keeps her nails playfully manicured, sometimes with Disney decals; she films the unboxing procedure, capturing all the squeaky fun of unveiling a new toy from its packaging; and, of course, our narrator is anonymous.

DisneyCollectorBR has been the subject of New York Times and Buzzfeed profiles speculating on her identity and analyzing her appeal. Both suspect she’s from Brazil. Her name, age and current location aren’t known. This anonymity doesn’t seem to bother her audience, which gave her about 380 million monthly views in 2014. Her channel has 3.5 million subscribers.

Julie Balise