10 worst workplace deeds

Everyone makes mistakes at the office. Not everyone drives an excavator into a portable toilet — when there’s a person inside.

When workplace health and safety law consultancy Protecting.co.uk asked British workers about the worst things they’ve done at work, they heard tales of destruction, theft and physical distress. One worker accidentally sent an inappropriate photo to “All Staff” when it was meant for Allan. Another trapped a colleague in a supermarket stock room for five hours. Take a look at 10 of the worst workplace deeds below.

“We expected one or two funny tales from the workplace, but we didn’t expect such a deluge,” Protecting.co.uk spokesperson Mark Hall said in a statement. “It turns out everybody’s got a tale to tell or a confession to make about how their working day went wrong.” Hall stressed that several of those stories could have been avoided if the companies had security, health and safety procedures in place.

Do your worst workplace deeds rival the ones shared with Protecting.co.uk? Share your office-related horror stories below.

Julie Balise