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: March, 2015

Here’s a job-proof way to say ‘no’ to your supervisor

Just when you think you’ve had it with work assignments and deadlines, your boss asks you to take on yet another task. If you’re like most frustrated employees, your gut instinct is to be honest and say “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have the capacity to manage that.” But there are ways to diplomatically

Take steps to manage work-related stress

Last week an administrator was describing how she dreaded Monday mornings and how her job was starting to affect her relationships. It seems that every Monday she wakes up with apprehension when thinking about going to the office and facing another week. Her dread made her irritable before the day started. That’s not a good […]

Top 10 criticisms in performance reviews

It’s often the least-liked aspect of any job: the dreaded performance appraisal.  The mere thought of it evokes sweaty palms and heart palpitations. To sit down with your boss and hear you’re not cutting the mustard is even worse. A bad performance appraisal can be devastating to your morale. It might even leave you wondering

Modern-day marketers need tech, data analysis skills

It’s the coolest job you never had, the marketing manager. Marketing managers are perceived as these super cool, well-dressed, brilliant, creative minds responsible for driving marketing strategies that influence consumers’ spending habits. Technology has dramatically changed the marketing industry. Modern-day marketers use a more customer-centric approach, one focused on cultivating relationships with potential consumers and driven

Are you ready for leadership?

A supervisor recently asked a question regarding leadership that led to a discussion about what it takes to make a good leader. Our discussion was prompted by a recent career assessment he had taken that indicated he enjoyed working with people and would be good at managing teams. While he has been on the fast-track […]

Spinning your wheels getting recruiters to respond? Try this

While canvassing job postings on LinkedIn, Michael saw one that caught his eye. A Bay Area recruiter was seeking an “experienced product manager” for a Silicon Valley-based tech firm. The ideal candidate would be a “strategic thinker” with at least five years of experience developing and managing software products. Considering the job announcement was fairly

Oddball interview questions for 2015

Do you know why the Earth is round? You better find out if you plan to interview for a position at Twitter. That’s one of the most unusual interview questions asked of a U.S. job candidate over the past year, according to a report from Glassdoor. The careers website combed through tens of thousands of

Tech execs call it quits in the name of work-life balance

Hello, my name is Kia Croom and I am the new Get To Work blogger for SFGate. I will share content that may add perspective to your career or just help you get through a tough workday. You can count on posts from me at least twice weekly. In my first post I’d like to take

When to start searching for a summer job

Summer will be here before you know it and the desire to land a summer job will be a priority. Waiting until the last minute to start searching for a job can prove costly in more ways than just a paycheck. Summer jobs add to your experience and skills even though it’s easy to trivialize […]

Fortune’s best companies to work for in California

Google is still the best company to work for, according to Fortune. The Mountain View-based tech giant earned the top spot for the sixth year in a row on the business magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. The report noted Google’s parental benefits, which include $500 in “Baby Bonding Bucks” and 12 weeks