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What to do when your company gets acquired

What does acquisition look like? Fans of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” will recall a recent scene where a large corporation offers to acquire tech startup Pied Piper. Pied Piper’s Richard Hendricks vehemently opposes and, in a matter-of-fact posture, replies that he doesn’t want everything he’s building to “become the property of your giant, soulless corporation.” The

Most in-demand college majors of 2015

The hiring forecast looks bright for the class of 2015 — especially those with business and technical degrees, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Sixty-five percent of employers told CareerBuilder that they’re looking to hire recent college graduates. Thirty-eight percent said they’re looking to hire business majors, while 27 percent are looking for computer and

A second language is a great career advantage

A job candidate recently described her employment background, and her accomplishments were impressive given she had less than 10 years of experience. No doubt her enthusiasm to better herself with more education and marketable skills made her a good candidate; however she seemed to be struggling with getting attention from employers. As the conversation progressed […]

Typeface experts say this is the best font for resumes

Looking to freshen up the old resume? Giving your resume a boost with a new look might be as easy as changing the font. Bloomberg News reached out to type font experts who all agreed that Helvetica is the best font in general for job resumes. It’s elegant and safe. You won’t offend anyone with

How to get past a demotion at work

Imagine going to work to learn you’re being demoted just six months after being promoted. That’s just what happened to Collin, a former account manager at a San Francisco company. Collin knew something was up when his boss asked for an ominous impromptu one-on-one meeting just days after his performance appraisal. “Here we go,” Collin said

Best tech companies for working parents

Work-life balance means something very different for a recent college graduate than for working parents. The eager 20-something may be able to get by with barebones benefits and endless hours at the office; the mom or dad with kids at home, not so much. Facebook seems to have the right mix of benefits to appeal

Tech company seeks developers in curse-filled Craigslist ad

Employers aren’t shy when it comes to recruiting top talent. They typically fill job announcements with explicit details of the responsibilities and qualifications. Well, this San Diego-based tech firm took explicit to another level with a listing posted on Craigslist (link is semi-NSFW). Just call them Frank, as they state their job requirements in raw and sometimes vulgar terms. The

Managing up is a good habit to keep

Building a good relationship with your boss is important to your career because he or she plays a pivotal role in your success and your happiness at work. While managing your boss may sound counterintuitive, it will be one of your greatest resources as you grow in your career. When the subject of managing up […]

Why open offices aren’t the answer

Kristen had finally landed her dream job as an auditor for a large San Francisco-based managed care consortium. She was ecstatic. She loved the position’s competitive pay, ample vacation and parking reimbursement. Things couldn’t have been any better — that is, until her first day on the job when her supervisor ushered her over to

10 highest-rated cafes at Bay Area tech companies

Want to know what the coffee’s like at the Bay Area’s best tech campus cafe? You can find out without getting a job in the valley. The Philz Coffee at Facebook is No. 1, according to a recent report of most-satisfying Bay Area tech campus cafes from Foursquare. Philz has served caffeinated beverages at the social