Tech company seeks developers in curse-filled Craigslist ad

A curse-filled job listing seeking developers was posted on Craigslist. (Screenshot, edited to remove swears)

A curse-filled job listing seeking developers was posted on Craigslist. (Screenshot, edited to remove swears)

Employers aren’t shy when it comes to recruiting top talent.

They typically fill job announcements with explicit details of the responsibilities and qualifications. Well, this San Diego-based tech firm took explicit to another level with a listing posted on Craigslist (link is semi-NSFW). Just call them Frank, as they state their job requirements in raw and sometimes vulgar terms. The job post’s heading reads “Searching for 2 f—— great developers.” And if the shock value of the heading doesn’t grab you, read on.

While most job posts contain a bulleted list of job responsibilities, this one cuts right to the chase. A paragraph headed “What You’ll Be Doing,” lists tasks, which include “adding kick a– new features to our already massively successful products” and “improving our already f—— great scalable architecture.” The listing also contains an illustration of a worker standing next to his desk, then flipping it over.

Just in case the jobseeker has remorse about potentially leaving his or her current employer and co-workers for a seemingly better-paying opportunity, the post offers a vote of encouragement. “They’ll find somebody else” and “co-workers will stay in touch but f— ‘em you’ll have new, better friends.”

And for the jobseeker who abhors long hiring processes, the post’s four-step approach is golden. The first step includes sending an email about the ad, followed by a Skype interview, an opportunity to meet the team and then step four: “you’re super f—— hired.” Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Finally, for the eager jobseeker who thinks this opportunity is too good to share, the post reads “share this s—. There are two f——- jobs open.”

The listing does not name the company. Although it’s located in San Diego, the listing was posted to Craigslist’s San Francisco jobs board. SFGate reached out to learn the motivation for the explicit approach, but was unable to get a comment.

Tell us, what do you think about this approach? Did they keep it real or push the envelope in their approach?

Kia Croom