Show us your office dog to celebrate ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’

This Friday is "Take Your Dog to Work Day." (Getty Images)

This Friday is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” (Getty Images)

You may have some new co-workers this Friday. While they’re sure to lighten the mood, don’t expect these fresh recruits to hit deadlines or think too far outside the box.

Pet Sitters International is marking its 17th annual “Take Your Dog to Work Day” on June 26. The event, also known as TYDTWDay, celebrates canine companionship and encourages companies to allow pets in the workplace. It’s always observed on the Friday after Father’s Day.

To mark this year’s TYDTWDay, we’d love to see your four-legged friend enjoying the office environment in the Bay Area. Maybe your dog is a regular at the office, or perhaps it’s just excited to celebrate this annual holiday. Please send images of your canine colleague to me at, along with your name, the dog’s name, and any information about breed and workplace. Submitted photos will appear in a slideshow on SFGate this Friday.

Pet Sitters International offered advice for first-time event organizers, starting with proposing the idea to your boss and human resource managers. Participants should also check with management and co-workers about allergies and other concerns, remove any possible hazards from the workspace, make sure the dog is current on vaccinations and able to handle an office environment, prepare a doggie bag and plan the dog’s meals carefully.

The organization also highlighted some prominent participants, including President Obama:

To honor what it calls “Canine Co-Worker Day,” dog-sitting company recently highlighted 12 dog-friendly offices. Offices in the Bay Area and beyond accommodate animals by offering day spas, complimentary treats and discounts on pet insurance.

Julie Balise