Celebrating your canine colleagues on ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’

Maybe you work from home, spend your days at a local startup or do something in between. No matter your office style, many of you are sharing your 9-to-5 with your canine companion.

To celebrate “Take Your Dog to Work Day” on Friday, we asked SFGate readers to send in photos of their dogs enjoying an office environment in the Bay Area and beyond. We saw everything from a playful Boston terrier chasing a ball to a Spaniel mix keeping an eye on a laptop. Some of the dogs caught up on their sleep while at work.

Check out the local pups in the slideshow above.

You can still submit your photos for the slideshow. Please send images, along with your name, the dog’s name and information about breed and workplace to jbalise@sfgate.com.

This is the 17th annual “Take Your Dog to Work Day” organized by Pet Sitters International. The event, also known as TYDTWDay, celebrates canine companionship and encourages companies to allow pets in the workplace.

Julie Balise