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: October, 2015

Do you know your career assets?

Talking about your strengths and accomplishments can be perceived as trivial matters when in reality they are the foundation of your success. The lack of self-knowledge toward your skills often keeps talented people from progressing forward. When you think of assets most people see visions of tangible items like property or money; however, when asked

New job search site reveals employers’ political affiliations

When prospecting jobs, the more insight you have about a potential employer the better. Jobseekers turn to websites like Glassdoor and Indeed for insights on everything from salary to workplace culture. CareerLabs, a new job search website, allows jobseekers to filter political affiliations held by company managers — giving jobseekers an inside-look at office politics.

How to help your spouse cope with a job loss

Many times career information is aimed at the candidate who is conducting a job search rather than the spouse who is often left in a supporter role. The emotional side as well as the process of searching for employment has been discussed at length; however, a job loss can take a toll on the family.

These 20 jobs offer the best work-life balance

Your office doesn’t have to be a second home. Workers in data science, SEO management and talent acquisition are happily splitting their work and personal time, according to a report on best jobs for work-life balance from Glassdoor. Data scientist ranked No. 1, with a work-life balance satisfaction rating of 4.2 out of 5. Job opportunity

10 absurd excuses for calling in sick

When “I don’t feel well” falls short, some workers get creative. One employee got stuck under the bed. Another went to the beach because her doctor said she needed more vitamin D. Employers shared those and other memorable excuses for workplaces absences in a survey out Thursday from CareerBuilder. Check out the others above. If

Weird reasons people quit their jobs

Last week, we talked about weird and hilarious ways workers quit their jobs. Now we’ll take a look at weird and interesting reasons people quit their jobs. Bhanu Prakash, a research assistant at a hospital in India, was trending on social media in September when he announced he’d quit his job to break the current world

Why are new hires quitting their jobs so soon?

One day you’re introduced to your company’s newest hire. No sooner than you learn his or her name and claim to fame, you notice he or she is no longer there. Word quickly gets around that he or she quit, but without any reason. Maybe the job wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Redefining communication: A new look to an old topic

Communication is everywhere yet the way you communicate at work keeps evolving with faster ways to convey messages and reach an audience. To keep with the pace of sharing information you are more likely to use one-way communication rather than face to face which impacts your career. There are many ways to communicate with your

Weird and hilarious ways people quit their jobs

Thinking about quitting your job? In the recesses of your mind, you’ve probably quit 100 times over in the grandest and hilarious fashion. While you daydream about ways to tell your supervisor to “I’m done,” a few employees have found unique ways to do just that. When Andrea got tired of working her nine-to-five case

Stay-at-home moms make great entrepreneurs

It seems as though stay-at-home moms are on the rise, according to a recent Pew Research Center analysis of government data. The percentage of mothers who do not work outside the home is highest in decades – 29 percent, up from 23 percent in 1999. The study indicates several possible reasons for the trend, such as economics and the challenge